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Vodka is the go-to liquor for any bachelor party or night out at the clubs. The ladies love to drink it and your hangover won’t be so bad because of its purity. Getting bottle service is the first step and choosing one of the following vodkas is the second.


The king of kings when it comes to vodka. France is known for its fine wines and delicious foods, but this vodka is always on the lips of any club goer. Grey Goose is a wheat and Gensac spring water-based vodka. Offering an incredibly smooth and tasty flavor that never fails. 

If you don’t buy at least one bottle at the club, you are truly missing out. First off, the ladies love Grey Goose because you can mix it easily with any sweet mixers. Secondly, the boys will love Grey Goose because the girls will be sticking around ready to party. 

Grey Goose also has some flavored vodkas that include Pear, Lemon, and Orange. 

Bound to turn heads and attract skirts, it is truly one of France’s best exports. From 26oz bottles to beautiful magnums, Grey Goose is the ultimate club vodka. 

Number 2 KETEL ONE 

The Dutch hold nothing back with this incredible Vodka. Probably your best bang for your buck that not only won’t cost you a fortune but will leave your palate thirsty for more. 

The Nolet family started distilling spirits way back in 1691 and with all that experience the Nolets Launched Ketel One in 1983. Ketel One is a wheat-based Vodka and if you are wondering what “Ketel” means it is rather simple. Pot stills, which is part of the distilling process. 

Ketel one is a vodka that won’t disappoint at any club or bar.


Poland is more than beautiful blonde women and perogies. They sure know how to drink, and Belvedere is living proof of that. 

Belvedere has been pumping out Vodka for over a hundred years and have sourced their knowledge from 600 years of polish vodka making methods. Belvedere is a rye-based vodka and is considered by many to be the smoothest of the premium vodkas on the market.  

At the club we suggest getting the magnums, they are huge bottles that light up and are sure to get you some attention. 

Belvedere has also won gold at the International Spirits Challenge 2021.

Number 4 CIROC

You might have noticed these long thin bottles with different colored buttons on each of them. If you’re looking for flavoured vodka, Cîroc is the way to go. 

Cîroc distills their Vodka five times helping to ensure a smooth clean taste. Unlike most grain-based vodkas, Cîroc uses French grapes. Cîroc comes from France and their creators have learned from hundreds of years of experience making French fine wines. The vodka in itself has a fruity flair and when you add some flavouring get ready for something exquisite.

The flavours they offer are Apple, Red Berry, French Vanilla, Mango, Pineapple, Peach, Coconut and of course the standard Vodka with no flavouring. 

Try mixing some Coconut Cîroc with a splash of 7-Up; I promise the ladies will be asking for seconds. 


This young and upcoming Vodka is slowly making its presence felt in the Canadian market. Tito’s is made in the good ole USA down in Austin, Texas. Tito’s is gluten free and is a corn-based vodka that will never leave you feeling bloated. Not every club or bar in Montreal offer Tito’s but if you are lucky enough to find a spot that carries them, you should definitely try it out. 

Some of their claims to fame are winning the “Distillery of the Year “according to Beverage World. They were also declared the “Unanimous Winner, Double Gold” at the San Francisco World Spirit Championship.