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If you are looking to taste the Caribbean or trying to have the tastiest mojitos, Rum is the answer. 

Including rum in your bottle service is sure to keep at least some of your boys happy. 

Rum can come in many different flavors and colors. White rums(clear) in recent years have been relegated to mixers. Brown and spice rums have become the rum of choice for both men and women. Rum is a sweet liquor which means sugar(sugarcane) is a key ingredient which in turn will make your hangover extra special. A small headache the next day is a small price to pay for experiencing the great flavors the Caribbean has to offer.

Cuba Libre otherwise known as rum and coke is one of the most popular mixes you can have. Yet, there is so much more you can do with this versatile liquor. Have you ever tried spice rum and 7-Up or if you are feeling bold, rum and ginger ale?  Whatever you choose to mix with Rum is seldom a miss at any party.

Here are our favourites:


This classic rum hails originally from Cuba and then moved to Puerto Rico. Bacardi’s iconic black bat logo can be found in every bar around the world, let alone Montreal. The iconic black bat represents good luck in Cuba and since 1862 the Bacardi family has brandished all their bottles with it. 

Bacardi can be found in nearly every club, bar or strip club in Montreal. Bacardi has different flavours varying from the original white rum to a golden-brown rum. In recent years they even developed their own version of spice rum.

Bacardi is also the brand that won’t break your wallet and keep a great taste in your mouth. A must have at your stag party in Montreal.


We have all seen the memes and ads about getting a leg up and partying like a pirate. Captain Morgan became popular because of their savoury spice rum. Truly a party favorite everywhere. You won’t have a problem finding this pirate in Montreal bars or clubs.

Captain Morgan was actually a real pirate who conducted raids on Spanish fleets in the Caribbean seas. This sugarcane-based rum originated from Jamaica and began distilling in 1944.

Captain Morgan doesn’t just sell spice rum, they also carry all the standard rums from white to brown and even black rums. 

Number 3: APPLETON

Jamaica is known for the legends like Bob Marley and the Wailers and Usain Bolt. This small island also provides some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They know having a great drink is what you need to make this Caribbean paradise even better.

Appleton Estate Rum began sharing its sweet rum in 1749 using limestone filtered water found in the unique Nassau Valley. Appleton has a soft oaky taste which is great if you are not looking to drink something too sweet. Appleton proudly boasts they add no artificial flavouring guaranteeing your drink is made with natural ingredients from Jamaica.

As of late Appleton isn’t as widely available for bottle service in most bars or clubs. 

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