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No one has a bachelor party in Montreal demanding there should be salad and vegetables. Apologies to your vegan or vegetarian friends but they might have to step aside for the steak lovers. 

Montreal is home to many steakhouses that offer the finest cuts of beef that will leave your mouth watering. Our steak houses will proudly serve up filet mignons, tomahawks, and rib steaks all of which have been perfectly aged. All that meat is accompanied by delicious sides. Steakhouse side dishes usually come in the form of potatoes and vegetables which make it a part of a healthy bachelor party diet. All our steak houses offer more than beef, so you can find delicious racks of lamb or Osso bucos if that’s your thing. In any case, there will be meat and plenty of it.


We strongly suggest you try our Steaks and Lesbians service where we book your party in a private room at one of Montreal’s finest steakhouses. After supper, beautiful strippers will join the party. In a private setting, they will offer the best dessert you can watch, while the lap dances will help you digest! Contact us and we can guide you to where the best steakhouses are in town. It is important to eat a hearty steak because it will be a long night, and you’ll need all the energy you can get.

If you want the best cuts of beef, you’ll have to fork over a little extra cash. Spoil yourselves and have something tender and don’t you dare ask for it to be cooked well done! Here is quick list of our favourite cuts:

Japanese Kobe Beef: up to 300$ per pound

Japanese Wagyu Beef: up to 300$ per pound

American Wagyu Beef: 150$ up to 300$ per pound 

Filet Mignon: 30$ per pound

New York Strip: 20-30$ per Pound

If you are a knucklehead and don’t know what to answer when the waiter asks you how to cook your steak, here is another quick guide on what to ask and expect.

RARE: Cutting into a rare steak will reveal a red center dominating the whole cut. The center might feel cool in some spots and will be very tender.

MEDIUM RARE: Your medium rare steak will have a warm red center surrounded by tender darker cooked meat. Very tender yet has a good bite to it. Medium Rare is the preferred steak temperature to have.

MEDIUM: Now your steaks will move away from red centers to more pink ones. The steak will have a firmer texture to it, still holding moisture allowing for some tenderness.

MEDIUM WELL:  This steak will have mostly a brown center with light hues of fading pink meat. The texture will be firm holding very little moisture in the most cooked parts of the steak.

WELL DONE: It is brown through and through. The center will be brown, very firm and drier. Expect to chew a little more and miss out and some of the great flavors only a medium rare steak can offer.