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You might be wondering why all our Montreal Bachelor party hosts are men. It’s understandable that you want to have as many women as possible to surround you all weekend long. Why add an extra sausage to the mix? We agree wholeheartedly with you that women are an integral part of any successful bachelor party but there has to be some limits. 

At a bachelor party, there are specific roles for everyone involved. The best man organizes the event and gets help from the groomsmen. The groom-to-be gets all the benefits. Women are best in the role of being nude and driving the whole crew crazy. Now if you think having a female host is best for your party, we beg to differ, and here is why.

A bachelor party is oxymoronic in many ways, it is a celebration that takes you away from the women in your life and at the same time needs more women at the party to make it a successful one. The key to success is not knowing the women involved. 

During a bachelor party, the boys want to be boys! The boys want to talk about their past experiences with women and the fun they had with them. They want to share stories of wild nights out where they almost died. They want to talk about the hot blonde at the other table and how they would let her sit on their face for days. It can get raunchy out there and hormones are always flowing wildly. Now, add a female host and suddenly the boys become uptight. They aren’t talking about sexual exploits of yesteryear or about picking up local chicks anymore. 

The mere presence of a female host will change some of their attitudes. Some of the boys they will fear being judged and don’t want her to know any of their wild stories. For some others in the crew, they will see her as an opportunity, they will suddenly focus on trying to pick her up. Conversations will change and suddenly everyone is the strong sensitive type that works with disabled puppies on the weekend.  

Remember this party is about letting loose for a weekend and not holding themselves back to impress someone. Besides, the female host has heard it all and the likelihood of her even kissing one of you horny bastards are slim to none. She has a job to do and getting picked up isn’t one of them. 

Also, consider that women don’t know what it is like to be a man or what men want from their bachelor party. She may have an idea, but she can never fully grasp the testosterone-driven perversions and needs we all have. Imagine at the strip club how awkward some of the guys will feel if they have to ask her about acquiring lap dances? Can I grab her ass? The boys won’t even ask because asking a female host just won’t feel right. She knows the answers, but the men just won’t ask them to protect their pride. 

A female host can get the job of getting into nightclubs and escorting to your tables like any man but at the club, they also attract the wrong kind of attention. When you have a male host, he will go out of his way to get you more women at your table. Contrarily your hostess can do the same but at the same time other men will also gravitate towards her. The male host can go through a crowd without worrying about men trying to pick him up. Unleash the hostess and suddenly she has to fend off every other guy in the club. She’ll waste time explaining to douchebags she’s not interested, when she can be working on bringing women to you. 

Use one of our experienced male hosts and you’ll never have to deal with problems a female host can incur. If you want female companionship that works well for the night clubs, get our sexy hostesses as an add on. They won’t have any of the responsibilities of your group host and they will drink and flirt with you all night. The key is getting more than one, so you can really create the party atmosphere!