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All summer long Montreal is alive with activity. The hot sun and warm air breathe life into the city by hosting over a hundred festivals to keep everyone entertained. Many of the festivals take place in the heart of the downtown core and expect to visit Place des Arts or the Quartier des Spectacles. Many of the festivals provide free outdoor shows where thousands of Montrealers gather to laugh or listen to amazing music. 

There are plenty of film festivals that put international indie films in the spotlight. Montreal embraces the arts and that is reflected in all our festivals. Not all our festivals are geared towards bachelor parties but there are few that just might catch your attention. In any case whichever festivals you participate in, there will always be a great vibe and a ton of people to hang out with. If you get hungry you won’t have to worry because there will be plenty of tasty food trucks and restaurant pop-ups to keep your bellies filled. Here is our list of Festivals you should check out in Montreal.

Montreal’s Formula 1 Grand Prix

This is an unofficial festival but it sure does feel like one.  Formula 1’s travelling circus descends on Montreal every June declaring summer has officially begun. Montreal’s Formula 1 grand prix is a huge weekend that attracts fans from across the globe. Be ready for huge crowds on crescent and crazy terrace(patio) parties on St. Laurent Boulevard. 

The whole weekend offers plenty of activities for racing fans or not. Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone have been spotted in the city too. Combining your bachelor party with a grand prix theme is the perfect combo for an unforgettable weekend. You can party with internationals all night long and then head over to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where the race takes place on Sunday.  Watch the best drivers in the world driving formula 1 cars flying at over 300kmph around Montreal’s iconic track, where a winner is never guaranteed until they pass the checkered flag. The Formula 1 Grand Prix de Montreal is more than just a race, it is the X-Factor that transforms Montreal into party central. You can easily get the best formula 1 tickets by contacting us or our official F1 affiliate. We will make your bachelor party weekend unforgettable.

Just for Laughs

Before heading out to the strip clubs, you can get your funny bone tickled during a two-week span in July. Montreal hosts the world’s largest comedy festival which attracts many legends of stand-up comedy. We have hosted comedic legends such as Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Don Rickles, Kevin Hart, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman and so many more. You will be laughing, and your stomach will ache, which is perfect to lighten the mood at your Montreal Bachelor party. 

There are free outdoor performances and you might think some lesser known comics perform because of the non-existent ticket prices. That’s far from the truth because legends like Russel Peters, Sugar Sammy and others have graced those stages. 

We believe the best show to attend during your bachelor party is the “Nasty Show”. The name says it all, it will get nasty so don’t expect any lame politically correct jokes. Comedians unleash their darkest and most pervert jokes for ninety minutes. The Nasty Show is the perfect warmup for all the action to come, remember laughter is an aphrodisiac. Who knows maybe you can use one of the jokes you heard on a stripper, everybody loves to laugh!

Montreal’s International Jazz Festival

In Late June, downtown Montreal becomes a musical utopia. If you love music or more specifically Jazz, you will be in the right place during this festival. Musicians from all over the world come to perform in every nook and cranny in Montreal. 

You can catch huge outdoor shows where legends like B.B King and not quite jazz Wyclef Jean have performed. You can watch shows in huge auditoriums at Place Des Arts or watch a small trio perform in a tiny bar. One thing is certain the whole city is feeling the rhythm. If your bachelor party members love music and want a unique activity to add to your itinerary,you should strongly consider adding this festival to the list. 


Montreal loves beer so much they just had to have a festival to celebrate drinking as much beer as you can. During the first week of June hundreds of breweries and microbreweries from around the world share their versions of ale with our great city. The location of the festival changes yearly but the pattern dictates it takes place either at Parc Jean Drapeau where the Formula 1 grand prix takes place or at the Palais de Congress, which is a massive convention center. In either case expect a ton of kiosks filled with beers you have never tasted in your life. 

The concept is simple, you buy coupons upon entry and each coupon gets you at the minimum a small taste of any beer you choose to taste. Each brewery decides how many coupons it takes to get a full glass if you so choose to. Trust me you’ll be drunk by the end of it all. 

The beer festival is the perfect daytime activity where your crew can drink great beer and socialise with plenty of chicks. Nothing is sweeter than drinking a cold one with a woman who loves beer too. Your bachelor party will appreciate this activity and might learn a thing or two about beer too.