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Whiskey is a liquor that packs a punch and should be avoided if you can’t handle a man’s drink.

Have it neat or on ice or mix it with coke, whiskey is a versatile liquor offered in all of Montreal’s clubs(duh). At your bachelor party there will always be a handful of guys who don’t like vodka making whiskey will be their drink of choice. 

Promise us you will warn the ladies before offering them a shot of whiskey from your bottle service. Most women hate the strong taste and you’ll blow your chance of having any conversation or second drinks! 

Here is a list of our top five whiskeys to drink at your bachelor party.


Good ole Jameson, ole reliable when it comes to a smooth tasting whiskey. This Irish gift has been getting lads hammered since 1780. Jameson’s motto is “Sine Metu” which means without fear, which is very fitting to describe the feeling you will have after a handful of shots. 

Jameson contains both un-malted and malted barley that is distilled three times over, ensuring a smooth tasting whiskey. You’ll find Jameson not only in Irish pubs in Montreal, most clubs carry it and can be included in your bottle service. 


Back in Lynchburg, Tennessee this strong spirit came to be and is now one of the most popular and well-known whiskeys on earth. Not for the faint of heart or those suffering from anger issues. Jack Daniels is a reliable whiskey for any occasion let alone bachelor parties. 

Distilling a combination of corn, barley and rye creates the sweet taste that is Jack Daniels. Never in short supply at any bar or club in Montreal. 


Scotland may not have many known exports, but everybody knows what Johnny Walker is. They use the simplest of ways to identify the quality of whiskey you can get. Red Label, Black Label, Gold Label and Blue to name a few. They take pride in their whiskey that has a smoky and spicy feel to it. 

Each label offers a different taste and distilling process that can appease any whiskey connoisseur. Johnny walker isn’t offered in all clubs or bars, so if you absolutely want that beautiful Blue Label premium whiskey included with your bottle service let us know and we’ll make it happen.


Not having a Canadian whiskey while you’re in Canada would be a sin. You must try Manitoba’s very own Crown Royal. Crown Royal uses Coffey Rye that is unique to North America. This blend makes this whiskey a little creamy and smooth. Have a Crown and ginger and I promise you won’t want to have just one. Taste Canada the right way.


Glenfiddich is a premium whiskey for a refined palate. Glenfiddich is Gaelic for “Valley of the Deer” which is where the brand began its journey in 1886 in the United Kingdom. Now you can also understand why the deer is part of their logo too.

Glenfiddich takes every step of creating this delicious liquor very seriously and every tool used in the process is hand crafted from their oak casks to their copper stills. Every step has the best experts ensuring quality for every sip you take. Not the most popular brand for bottle service but for those who want quality you should definitely consider Glenfiddich.

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