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Before there were strip clubs there were burlesque performances. Burlesque offered nearly fully nude women and comedic and musical acts to entertain horny bastards in their crowd. Think of strip joints as Burlesques’ wildest offspring. Montreal is home to many strip clubs and figuring out which clubs are best for your bachelor doesn’t have to be tricky. 

Montreal’s strip clubs are unique because they offer full nudity, and full contact lap dances. Our strip clubs are the human embodiment of sex appeal! Yet a strip club is nothing without its lovely performers who will bare it all so you can get a chubby in your pants. Not all strip clubs are created equal and there are plenty of strip clubs with less than beautiful entertainers. 

The best strippers work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights which is great because we know you are not having a stag party on a Monday night. Forget about going to a strip club during the day, there won’t be many strippers to choose from and the vibe is just horrible. 

That’s why we are the key to getting you into the best strip clubs that have the hottest strippers available. We have close relationships with the club owners, and we have also become friends with many of the pole dancers you will find on the stage. We communicate constantly with our “insiders” so we can be sure to send you to the best spots in Montreal.

The best clubs are in the downtown core and you’ll be able to walk to many of them if you want to have a night of titty hopping. Top clubs always offer bottle service and expect to pay a cover charge unless you book with us! We will take care of all the small details including taking care of cover charge, tipping the bouncers, and even getting the groom on stage. 

With good company and beautiful strippers your strip club experience will be a success. Text us now and learn how to get the hottest strippers on your laps ASAP!