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Everyone will say their club is the best club in Montreal, but we know which ones really are. I was a bartender in the nightclub scene for over ten years, so I know a thing or two about the nightlife in this amazing city. 



It’s a bachelor party and women are always a necessity. The boys in the crew don’t want to look at each other all weekend. This weekend may be their time away from their wives and girlfriends and they want to feel single again. You don’t want to go to a dance club where the ratio of men to women is more than 3:1. The club needs balance in that respect because otherwise you might as well be partying in the village (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 

You also want the staff serving you to be beautiful as well. Nothing is worse than getting served by a fifty-year-old waitress well past her prime. We expect the servers to be showing some skin and know how to flirt. They should keep you entertained, and your glasses filled all night.

It’s simple, you want to go to the club that attracts the beauties and has the hottest babes working to serve you.


Imagine walking into a club and realizing everyone is dressed in black and death metal is blasting out of the speakers. If that’s not your thing, your bachelor party will hate you for choosing that club. 

The music and atmosphere of the club is another element to consider for finding the best nightclubs in Montreal. You’ll want your club to host the best DJ’s that play the hottest beats of the day. Any club DJ worth his salt will mix up the best hip-hop songs and dance music to make sure the club goers will never sit still. 

Great music usually means happy women who want to dance and flirt the night away. Body rocking music helps create the atmosphere but the club itself will help solidify it. 

You don’t want to party in a garbage dump, you want to be in a club that looks clean, nicely decorated and has plenty of room to party. Montreal offers many clubs and they all have their distinct styles and unique atmospheres. With our help we can find the one that suits your bachelor party best.


This might not be on the top of your list but having  great service is key to have a successful night at any club or bar. No one wants to wait thirty minutes to get their bottle service or god damn drink.  Having hard working servers and bartenders are key to having a smooth night. 

The best clubs take pride in offering quality service so you can focus on partying instead of trying to find your waitress in a crowd. Your ice buckets should always be full. Never run out of glasses or shooters and your table should always be clean. You should never wait more than 20 minutes for your bottle service to arrive. 

The best clubs offer this kind of service because you’re spending your hard-earned money and you deserve the absolute best.


Like your hotels, location is important! The hottest clubs in Montreal will always be found at the Old Port of Montreal, Plateau Mont-Royal and of course the downtown core. 

Venturing further away from the heart of the city may seem like a good idea but it is quite the opposite. You’ll spend way more on transportation and let’s face it you’ll be in a smaller bar rather than a club. Stick to where the action is, and your stag party will always have somewhere to go with ease.

Check out our Nightlife Services and we take care of all the leg work for you. We will make sure these elements are covered! Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

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