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Everyone thinks they are an expert on what to do in our amazing city of Montreal. Taking advice from people who don’t live here would be your first mistake and ignoring our helpful suggestions would be your second.


You can easily avoid making stupid mistakes by us sending us a text message right now. Let the professionals who eat, sleep, drink the party life in Montreal guide you.  Your bachelor party will appreciate not going to Granby Zoo or visiting a church downtown.  


The groom will wonder why you brought him to see this concrete monstrosity that took over 30 years to pay off! If you look at our Olympic Stadium you won’t help wondering if the architect had a thing for cock and balls. The Olympic Stadium’s dick…ummm, I mean the tower is considered the tallest inclined structure in the world, take that leaning Tower of Pisa! It sounds impressive but it really isn’t, just take a look out your hotel window and acknowledge its existence. That’s all you need to do!

 You can save your bachelor a trip away from all the action downtown and honestly you won’t see anything special there that truly relates to a bachelor party. You can visit our biodome there too but I’m sure your crew wants to see women in the wild rather than animals in captivity. 


When you are drunk, we all make terrible decisions and heading to the casino loaded can have you leaving there empty. You want to save your hard-earned cash for the queens you can actually touch in our strip clubs. 

All casinos are designed to keep you there as long as possible and at a bachelor party you don’t want to lose any of your bros to a blackjack table. Trying to pull an angry gambler who just lost thousands at craps is a risky venture in itself.  Avoid the casino unless you can trust that your party will leave at a designated time. 

There is another terrible thing to consider. What if someone ends up losing big? Your buddy who just lost his pants won’t be in party mode after that experience and his mood will be wrecked for the rest of the bachelor party. Carrying a sour puss around will turn off the women and suck the fun out of your activities. Skipping the casino on this trip might be a good idea.


Sticking to the downtown areas of Montreal, like the Old Port, Downtown, and the Plateau Mont-Royal is crucial to having the best bachelor party. Going to a strip club off island and travelling into the north because you heard the strippers give a little extra is a terrible idea. 

You will be disappointed when the strip club looks like Elmer Fudd’s cabin in the woods. Their strippers have nothing on our strippers unless you like closing your eyes and using your imagination. Try all you will but that train wreck of a dancer will never look like Megan Fox. Don’t forget transportation costs and having to take a 45-minute ride back simply isn’t worth it.

This rule also applies to your hotels and Air BnB selections, stick to the heart of the city and if you aren’t sure where to book, check out our handy guide on where to stay in Montreal. 

The downtown areas of Montreal have everything you need to have an epic party. Most of the time you can walk or take a five-minute cab ride to get to where you need to go. Staying on the island of Montreal ensures the best food, the hottest clubs and the sexiest strippers. 

Remember if something goes wrong off island and you hate the spot you booked; you are basically stranded. You’ll have to come back to Montreal which means wasting time. Good luck trying to get a table reservation or skipping any lineups on a Saturday night. Stick to Montreal dummy!


Not planning any activities for your afternoons in Montreal is a common mistake many bachelor parties make. Montreal is a great city because it can supply endless fun day and night.  If your stag party is a thirsty bunch, we have the solution for you. 

If the afternoon is a sunny one, you won’t want to stay inside your hotel all day brooding about how your night will go. Go hit up one of Montreal’s terraces(patios), where you can enjoy some local craft beers while watching the skirts go by. 

You’ll have plenty of women to look at and flirt with without having to worry about how they look when the lights turn back on. Your bachelor party can also catch up on all the fun they had the night before too. 

Order a bite to eat to help kill the hangover and in no time, you’ll be ready for the adventures the nightlife will certainly bring. Montreal during summer is a unique experience so if you’re not staring at a pair of titties in your hotel room with our Strip Experience get your asses outside and enjoy Montreal to the fullest.