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There is no wrong choice when it comes down to choosing between a hotel or AirBnB. The size and budget of your group will ultimately determine what is best suited for your bachelor party.

To learn about what area of Montreal to book your hotel or Airbnb, check out our location guide here.


In the downtown area of Montreal there are about sixteen thousand hotel rooms you can choose from. Montreal is home to top hotel chains like the Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Best Westerns and more. 

If you choose to book hotel rooms, your guests will be able to have a private space all to themselves without having to worry about sharing a washroom. We strongly suggest that in addition to your private rooms you rent a suite. Having a hotel suite is ideal because the larger size can accommodate your whole crew. 

You can meet in the suite for drinks and more importantly the adult entertainment. Montreal is renowned for its beautiful strippers so why not have them come to you? Check out our Strip House Experience and learn how much fun you can have at your hotel.

Booking your own hotel rooms might sound simple but you need to keep in mind there are other guests who won’t tolerate too much noise or excitement. We know the best hotels that accommodate bachelor parties, so you never have to worry about getting the boot.

Air BnB

AirBnB’s have become more and more popular for any traveler’s vacation needs. You can book a whole house with everything you need for a successful trip. For a bachelor party, an AirBnB offers an opportunity for the crew to live all together, which is great for catching up and shooting the shit. You can stock up your fridge with all the booze you want because you won’t have those mini-fridges that can barely fit a bottle of water at the hotels. The best part about having an Airbnb is the ability to convert your living room into a strip club. Our Strip House Experiences make it happen and all you have to do is let the strippers through the door.  

There is a catch, of course, finding the right Airbnb in the right location will be a challenge. You’ll have to filter over 9000 listings on the island of Montreal. You may find the biggest house available, but you might be 45 minutes west of the downtown core. You want to stay in the city, and we will help you find the best Airbnb that is geared to accommodate bachelor parties. You will be in the core of the city and you can party hard without worrying about your neighbors. 

There are no wrong answers and with our help we make sure that both choices will always be a good one.

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