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Montreal is a culinary gold mine; a great restaurant is always a few steps away. Fine dining in Montreal is out of this world but let me tell you about a hidden gem you’ll only find in a delicatessen. 

Montreal smoke meat or briskets as southerners call it, is world renowned.

Our smoked meat isn’t prepared like New York style Pastrami. We use peppercorns and other spices that make our smoked meat a unique treat. Sliced perfectly and placed in between two slices of rye bread that have had mustard slathered over them accompanied by a side order of a huge pickle and coleslaw sounds like the perfect lunch to ease any hangover.

Lucky for you we will tell you which delicatessens serve up the best smoked meat you can have in the city.

Number 1 Schwartz’s Deli

Schwartz deli is found on St. Laurent Boulevard and you can easily find it by spotting the long line up of hungry humans outside its doors. They have been pumping out smoked meat sandwiches since 1928 and with that much experience you know you are in for a treat.  Be ready to wait in long line ups and eating inside will be cramped and difficult. It’s all worth it once you take a bite.

Number 2 Main Deli

The Main Deli is across the street from world famous Schwartz’s deli and many will argue that their smoked meat is superior. If you are looking to sit down and enjoy your rye bread and coleslaw the Main Deli is the spot to choose. You’ll get amazing smoked meat without having to rub shoulders with random strangers. Try their medium cooked smoked meat sandwiches and your hangover will fuck right off!

Number 3 Lester’s Deli

Another family run business that offers up amazing smoked meat in Outremont. This family deli has been alive for more than sixty years. If you are in the western part of the city this eatery is a must eat to satisfy your brisket cravings.

Now you know where to find the best smoke meat joints in the city and you’re thinking I don’t want to wait in a line up or bring the crew to a deli. We have the best solution because we offer a service that brings the smoke meat right to your hotel door. 

Our world-famous Briskets and world Class Breasts service will have a sexy stripper delivering and serving your smoked meat on a silver platter. Hold on to your pickle because once she gets through your door her clothes will come off.

You’ll enjoy lunch while enjoying dessert at the same time. A feast for the eyes and stomach! A beautiful Strip House Experience that cures hangovers and keeps the bachelor party vibe alive at all hours of the day!

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