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We all want our bachelor parties to be memorable for decades to come. You want to be able to hang with the crew in a decade and still laugh about the wrestling match your best bud had with a stripper in a huge vat of Jell-O. 

Sadly, not every bachelor is worth remembering and many get relegated to the let’s never speak of that weekend again category. To avoid having the worst bachelor party and avoid your friend saying flat out it sucked, work with us or at the very least follow our list of preventive tips.


Inviting the wrong guest to the party can definitely make the weekend suck. If you know two guys who can’t be in the same room with each other without brawling; you have to make a tough choice and exclude one of those guys. You need to make sure everyone invited is on the same page and understand the importance of having a good bachelor party. 

Avoid inviting family members unless you have had past experiences with them, and you basically know they won’t mind seeing tits and ass all weekend. Avoid inviting the whole football team too! It will be easier to organize and there will be fewer talking heads giving their useless opinions! The last thing you want is someone spilling the beans about the debauchery because he wasn’t that close to the groom anyways. Word these days travels fast, so keep the guestlist tight.


Just because Montreal is Canada’s party central doesn’t mean you can just show up one weekend and expect everything good to fall easily into your lap. The larger the group, the harder it will be for your crew to get restaurant reservations, skipping line ups at clubs or simply getting access into strip clubs. 

Montreal during the summer is jam-packed with tourists and excited locals. Having no plans guarantees your bachelor’s will suck because what will you do when your ideas fail? Visit Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts? No, we don’t think so. Create a solid itinerary with us and your whole weekend will run smooth like thigh highs.


Your bachelor party couldn’t believe how cheap their hotel was and as your taxi pulls away from the city and brings you to the suburbs, you’ll know you fucked up. Location is crucial and booking the wrong hotel is a common mistake for those who don’t understand Montreal. 

Montreal is a huge island, but all the action takes place in a small area somewhere near the middle. It is easy to find cheaper locations far from the core of the city, but you’ll have to travel and that will cost you. In the end you’ll spend the same amount of money as if you booked at the Old Port of Montreal! Maybe booking a bed and breakfast is also a bad idea! Some hotels are friendly to bachelor parties’ others are not. Getting kicked out early Saturday morning is no fun!


With our Strip House Experience, we bring beautiful strippers directly to you. They will perform and keep the bachelor party entertained. Some of you may think skipping this option is a good idea because you can always go to the strip club. Sure, that makes sense but having the privacy and intimacy you can share only in a hotel or Air BnB is unmatched. You will maximize the use of your accommodations and also save money on liquor and transportation costs. In-room entertainment will make your crew feel more comfortable and besides, nothing beats hanging out with a bunch of strippers who will kick your ass in beer pong


You can feel the excitement being shared throughout the bachelor party with a knife because it’s so thick. It’s your first night in Montreal! The Friday night lights are shining bright and that bottle of Grey Goose is begging you to be emptied.

If you don’t pace yourselves all the action will take place on the Friday night and for the rest of the weekend the crew will be puking or sleeping. Take it easy and save some party energy for Saturday night too. It will be hard to calm the boys down, but you need to remind them to take a breath between gulps. It’s a long weekend and you want to enjoy every minute of it!