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It is amazing how many guys come out of the woodwork demanding to be part of the bachelor party once word gets out that a marriage is coming. The best man needs to decide the guest list and how many fellows to invite. For some groups, the number of willing guests will be smaller like four to six guys. In other cases, what we consider to be a large bachelor party in Montreal is anything over ten people.  A real sausage party if you don’t know what the hell you are doing. Avoid a choir boy retreat and learn how to handle a large bachelor party.


First off when looking at the potential guest list and you realize the entire offense of a football team is on the list. It’s time to cut the fat. Talk with the groom-to-be and find out if he wants the kicker to be at the bachelor party. You might be able to knock off a couple of names from the list, which makes planning a little easier. The groom will enjoy who is invited, avoiding any conflicts. 

Appoint a couple of advisors to help deal with the load. You can use the rest of the groomsmen or his closest friends to help. Keep the number of advisors relatively small and please exclude relatives (especially of the bride)! Her brother won’t be too keen on including strippers in every activity. 

You need to become Mussolini or Donald Trump, you must rule with an iron fist. You have to take charge and if you think creating a vote amongst ten to fifteen guys is going to make your life easy, you really need a wake-up call! Discuss with your appointed advisors and the groom about some of the activities that you may consider booking. Get their feedback and make the tough calls yourself. You can’t satisfy everyone; you just need to satisfy the core members of the group. Set up chat groups or group emails so you can easily relay your plans and you’ll have written proof of them receiving the info and what their thoughts were. 

Once the bachelor party date is set and you have your budget ready, it is time to confirm who is coming to Montreal for the epic weekend. Do not, I repeat do not take a verbal agreement as absolute truth. Get paid up front! Nothing says I am committing to the bachelor party like collecting someone’s hard-earned cash.  Don’t be a prick either if someone has to cancel because of a family emergency but make it clear to everyone that once you are committed, there is no turning back!  

Be sure to present your budget and explain to the party how much everyone is expected to pitch in. Keeping the financial expenses equally distributed helps prevent fights and ensures everyone gets what they deserve. You might have to act like a salesman to convince the misers in the group. With our help we always get you the best prices for everything involved in your bachelor party from hotels to bottle service. We have you covered.

The larger the group the harder it will be to book certain activities. Go karting and paintball are ideal Daytime Activities for groups of any size. In fact, having a larger group means you don’t have to mix in with strangers either. 

Another challenge for huge groups is getting into strip clubs and nightclubs. If you don’t have the right hookups, the bouncers and doormen will laugh at you at the entrance of any club. The ratio of fifteen men to zero women won’t get you in anywhere. You might think you’ll have no problem getting into a strip club but even there during the weekend space is limited and cramming your crew in just won’t happen. 

If you have a large bachelor party, you need a service like ours because we take care of all that red tape for you. We will get you in any club with ease. We can even take care of your transportation with our party bus options which can easily carry large groups and include strippers.

Having a huge amount of people at a bachelor party is a tough project but with our help it won’t be.