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It has been a strange two years with COVID-19 basically shutting everything nightlife down. The nightclub industry has been hibernating and finally it can wake up and stretch its legs again. The nightlife scene will have to recalibrate itself. What was a hot jamming club then might be a barren waste land now or didn’t even survive the lock down.


Ultimately what makes a club the worst depends on your experience. Avoiding terrible clubs for your bachelor party is a must because sitting around in a half empty club with the boys isn’t what you envisioned. We offer some tips to help avoid this easy to do planning mistake. 


Use our services! Yes, it was obvious we would say that, but we really mean it. We have over fifteen years of experience in Montreal’s nightlife. We have connections all over the city and we keep in touch on a regular basis. 

We make sure to stay informed of which clubs are hot and in demand versus what’s flatter than your ex-girlfriend and not worth your time or money. We want you to have fun, period. We want you to be happy so you can spread the word about our great services. 

We are a part of the nightlife and are held by the same standards that our customers’ satisfaction is priority number one. We will get you in the best clubs with ease and you’ll thank us once it’s all said and done.


It is hard enough sometimes to decide for yourself what you want to do on a Friday night let alone decide for a group of ten. It is absolutely crucial that you discuss your clubbing options with your bachelor party. It is a risky thing on the other hand to let them vote on which club to choose. If the vote goes fifty/fifty, you’ll have to make a tough decision and piss off a large part of your group. I assume you know what the groom-to-be likes and your decision should reflect his preferences. 

From your feedback you can now begin to figure out what kind of nightclub suits your stag party. Do you prefer a high-end joint with a strict dress code? Do you prefer a club that plays mostly hip-hop? Do you prefer a club that is young and wild? Do you prefer pubs and bars and prefer not to go nightclubbing? These are all great questions that we can help you answer. We can direct you to the best club that suits you most.


You will be tempted to read reviews on Facebook, Google, and all other social media platforms about possible nightclub destinations. 

On the positive side you can see what past clients love about the place, the kind of music or whatever else pleased them. Even the positive reviews can be sketchy because any service industry owner always encourages the staff and their friends to write glowing reviews. Hopefully the truth is somewhere in between the positive and negative.

The negative reviews should also be taken with a grain of salt! Social media these days grows negativity like wildfire and is practically impossible to stop. No one is ever satisfied in full and many people feel the need to vent if things don’t go absolutely their way. I have seen complaints and 1-star reviews that stated “The club was awesome, but I had to wait in a long line to get into the washroom! Get more stalls!” Comments like that make you wonder what was more valuable? The club experience or the toilet experience. 

If you choose to look at negative reviews, at the very least look for consistencies within them. If a club has constant complaints about service, there is a strong chance the service won’t be good.Nonetheless, don’t let a few negative reviews overshadow a mountain of positive ones.

There are also those reviewers who have axes to grind because a barmaid didn’t like them, or they got kicked out because of bad behaviour. You’ll only get one side of the story and that is no way to make a judgment call. Always refer to tip 1 after you do some research. We will help you filter out the bullshit making the decision process way easier.

The worst clubs for a bachelor party are the ones that don’t fit your bachelor party goals. A club filled with only guys is the last place you want to spend your hard-earned cash on. You want an atmosphere, great music, plenty of beautiful women and great service. Always keep in mind what was hot yesterday may not be today and that’s why we are here. Check out our blog on what makes a club great by clicking here.

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